Ok, so here is my blog.....never done this before but I feel like I needed to infuse more life into my art life!  So I am not sure what this journal will be about totally but I want is to be a fusion of all my passions.  Which include, but are not limited to my art, massage, books, the journey of being an owner builder of a straw bale home, and making dreams come. 

So I have started this because I love Leonie Dawson's creativity and she makes it look all so easy and I just feel I need to be doing something to share what I do!  I love creating my own art and for a long time I did small art fairs, local coffee shops, Saturday Market and so on.....but none of this really worked.  I struggled and still am struggling to share my art the way I want to with people.  And I really really do want to get what I do out "there".

What do I do?  I create original colored pencil art.  And I mean original.  I don't do copies or prints or things like that.  I toyed with the idea for a long time but couldn't make myself come to accept that the copy was as good as the real thing.  And I still can't!  I am not sure where this principle crept into my life but it is there and I have learned to live with it.  This means I have had many rejections on the sole basis that I do not have prints available.....I always think really?!  So now I am trying to brainstorm up some new things to get what I do out there without compromising my principle.  I know many people love what I do and would love to hand original art in there home.......not necessarily matching their couch! 

So here I am at the very beginning.  I hope to blog regularly on this site about creating and what it all means, hopefully adding a portfolio page so more can see what I do and if they like what they see purchase it.   Or contact me about commissions.  I also want to just have things I find that are truly inspirational for just getting out there and making a dream come true!  So for now this is my one small step on a new journey.




05/19/2012 11:55am

I am so PROUD of you and all that you do! I am blessed many times over that you are MY sister!!!

Leila Whitlock-Hauth
05/19/2012 2:03pm

Thank you my dear sis! I love you!

06/08/2012 11:40am

I wandered over here from Leonie's Biz Course and just wanted to say hi! I think it's *super* exciting that you're jumping in with this blog! :)

Leila Whitlock-Hauth
06/08/2012 6:05pm

Thanks Beth!
I am trying really hard to get it all together! The course is really helping me and I love that everyone is so supportive of each other!


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